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Tennis Coaching for both members and Non Members

We have an experienced coach in Elaina Forland, a fully-qualified LTA coach who is CRB-checked, insured and trained in first aid. Elaina offers full range of junior and adult lessons, in groups or individual coaching.




 Elaina Forland

Private and group coaching for both members and non members of Harrow Town Tennis Club

Coaching for both Adults and juniors of all levels

More details under the coaching section 

Please contact Elaina by email at or by phone on 07789961142  for exact timings.



Competitive Tennis coming up at Harrow Town

Dear Members,
Firstly Happy New Year.  For those that fancy some competitive tennis !!
I have once again entered one team.
Around Late Jan I will be sorting out fixtures for our 6 matches.
This year we will be playing in Division 8 ( promoted from last year).
Our objective is to at least Stay at the top end of Division 8 or ideally be promoted again.
I have included all the people I think will be interested.
If anyone does Not want to take part or receive such email updates let me know.
During March/April I will try and organise at least a couple of friendly matches with
Division 8 teams.
The final selection will be made two weeks before each match.
Our biggest challenge will be selecting our 1st pair (strongest pair) for these matches.
Any ideas would be appreciated from people that play well together.
It would also help if people came down to play on Wednesday/Sunday social sessions and also take
Advantage of Elaina’s coaching on Monday/Thursday !
Match Format:
  • All matches start promptly at 6.30pm !  ( this may determine if you can play)
  • Our first Match will be around 2nd Week in May.  Last Match is usually played in July.
  • For each match we will need 3 pairs with at least one standby.
  • We will play 3 home matches and 3 away matches.
N.B: Ken will also be running the “Summer League” played at Harrow Lawn.  So Hopefully everyone will
Get to play in one of these competitions.
Middx Slazebger League 2013 – Tournament Site
Final Standing – Division 8
Mens Doubles – North West Division 9
Points Played Matches Sets Sets % Games Games %
1 Wayfarers IV 92 6 92 52 45 25 64.3% 348 267 56.6%
2 Harrow Town 83 6 83 61 41 30 57.7% 333 288 53.6%
3 West End Pinner VI 78 6 78 66 39 33 54.2% 334 309 51.9%
4 Acorn II 74 6 74 70 37 35 51.4% 330 313 51.3%
5 Eastcote V 66 5 66 54 32 26 55.2% 271 248 52.2%
6 Harrow V 50 6 50 94 25 47 34.7% 251 340 42.5%
7 Harrow Baptist II 37 5 37 83 18 41 30.5% 215 317 40.4%

Annual General Meeting – 17th Nov 2013

Harrow Town Tennis SECTION

Annual General Meeting

Sunday 17th November 2013
in the Clubhouse at 2.30pm


· Apologies for absence·
Agree minutes of last AGM
· Matters arising from last minutes
· Chairman’s report
· Treasurer’s report
· Membership Secretary’s report
· Proposed Annual Subscriptions
· Election of Section Officers
Chairman. also Vice Chairman.
Membership Secretary
Ladies’ Captain
Men’s Captain
Grounds Secretary
Fixtures Secretary
Junior Representative
· Any Other Business


Picture this scenario:  You’re playing a match against an opponent who is solid from the baseline, however, his serve is weak and slow.

You’re trying to take advantage of his weakness but you’re making way too many errors on the return of serve.

As you may know, it’s tougher to be consistent against a slow ball as compared to someone who hits hard.

When you’re playing against a hard hitter you can get into a rhythm,  there’s not a lot of thinking, you’re sticking the racquet out there.

Remember this, it takes better stroke mechanics to hit a slow ball consistently in the court.

There are 2 Key points to remember:

#1.)  at the low point of your backswing the racquet should be closed (or facing down)

#2.) Swing from the shoulder with as little forearm and wrist movement as possible and your racquet is guaranteed to be vertical at contact.

After contact, the hitting arm relaxes and comes up across the body, at this point it doesn’t matter if you roll the forearm and wrist the ball is long gone.

However, if you’re trying to roll the forearm and wrist in the hitting or contact area, it’s going to be hit or miss, it will be very difficult to develop confidence in hitting away against slow serves.
Reference: Tom Avery

Harrow Town Tennis Winter League Rules

Matches involving Vagabonds are scheduled for Thursdays, all others for Fridays. Captains can move matches by mutual consent or due to weather problems if following Thursday or Friday free, but please email Ken to ensure courts are free. Note clubhouse is only normally open on the Fridays.

Abandoned matches – either agree a score or contact me for a replay date
Access to Courts and Floodlights – I’ll make sure sorted for each match.
ARRIVE at 6.45 for START at 7. Latecomers lose Set. Lights switch off automatically @ 9.30
First named (“Home” Team) on the Fixture List to provide match balls

TEAMS: 2 pairs per team ie 4 players per team. PLAY: – 8 sets (2 against each opposing pair)
SETS:- SUDDEN DEATH DEUCES (Returners Choice who receives)

IF SET ENDS 6 ALL – POINTS ARE SHARED 1 point each side. No Tie Breaks.
2 POINTS scored per SET so all Matches Scored out of 16 points

Following should ensure All SETS played and not too much hanging around for whoever finishes first!

Contact Details