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Harrow Town Tennis Winter League Rules

Matches involving Vagabonds are scheduled for Thursdays, all others for Fridays. Captains can move matches by mutual consent or due to weather problems if following Thursday or Friday free, but please email Ken to ensure courts are free. Note clubhouse is only normally open on the Fridays.

Abandoned matches – either agree a score or contact me for a replay date
Access to Courts and Floodlights – I’ll make sure sorted for each match.
ARRIVE at 6.45 for START at 7. Latecomers lose Set. Lights switch off automatically @ 9.30
First named (“Home” Team) on the Fixture List to provide match balls

TEAMS: 2 pairs per team ie 4 players per team. PLAY: – 8 sets (2 against each opposing pair)
SETS:- SUDDEN DEATH DEUCES (Returners Choice who receives)

IF SET ENDS 6 ALL – POINTS ARE SHARED 1 point each side. No Tie Breaks.
2 POINTS scored per SET so all Matches Scored out of 16 points

Following should ensure All SETS played and not too much hanging around for whoever finishes first!

Contact Details